Sunday, January 15, 2012

           Blessed Is He Who Mourns
                             by Jim Rapp

The thing you see behind his smile
Is not a sadness resident within his eyes,
But rather gravity that's waiting while
The time of mirth is passing by;

A gravity that bides and knows its time;
A golden heaviness that's heaven born.
With joy and mirth it coexists, and stands in line,
Awaiting patiently, the time to mourn.

For mourning is a Godly thing,
And brings us comfort in the end –
Forbids us not, to joy and sing,
But bids us, to the mourner, comfort lend;

To weep with those whose bitter tears
Are being "bottled" by our God;
To ache, and grieve, and share the fears
Of those who tremble under sin's harsh rod.

But when the mourning time has come;
When mirth is pushed aside,
When life is hard and sometimes wearisome;
Even then will joy abide.

There is both "weight" and "lightness" in his eyes;
I know – I've seen them both in him.
When one would seem to take control, the other then replies;
And balance is maintained in what he sees and does.

I love the gravity I see in him,
That weighs both joy and sadness,
And knows there is a work for each to do;
That each can bring him gladness.

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