Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Weighty Words

by Jim Rapp
“Weigh your words!” the adage goes;
but how to weigh them, no one knows.
Moses’ words, carved in stone,
weighed less than did the stone alone;

weighty words with meaning fraught,
that signaled how men ought
to serve both God and man,
weighed no more on stone than in his hand.

Fill one page with words of sober weight.
Another fill with entertaining freight.
No difference the scale detects;
heavy words, and light, create the same effect.

Today, in “clouds,” our words we store
but add nor take away no atom more
nor less than occupied the space before;
flipping bits to one, that, one time, zeros wore.

But there is a scale within the heart of man
that registers the weight of words, and can
report the burden laid or lifted by their weight,
in shoulders slumped - or joy reflected on the face.

“Weigh your words,” the wise adjure.
Each word will circle back to where
its maker freighted it with good or ill,
bearing curse or blessing, undiminished still.

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