Sunday, October 23, 2011

On Poems and Potatoes

(Second thoughts of a Word-smith)
                by Jim Rapp

When all is said and done
the world will have too many poems;
too few potatoes.

Potatoes are not invariably better
than poems –
not intrinsically so.

Speech is one of the gifts
that lifts humanity
above its non-verbal cousins.

“Words, well spoken
are (potatoes) of gold
in pitchers of silver.”

Balance is the golden mean;
“A time to plant potatoes –
a time to write poems.”

But words can be a lazy man’s refuge,
a fearful man’s excuse,
a deceitful man’s tools.

When used to mask inaction,
they make the claim that
what is spoken has been done.

 “Talk is cheap” . . . until the creditor –
hand extended –
stands at the door.

When all is said and done
poetry, not written,
will lie more lightly on the scale

than all the needful chores,
not done, left to weigh upon
our children’s hours.

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