Saturday, September 3, 2011

Wisconsin Yard Sale

                       by Jim Rapp

Times are hard in Wisconsin,
everyone scrabbling to make it go.
My neighbor, George, is trying again,
a scheme he ought to know
never brings much money in.

He’s apparently selling his house, a piece at a time;
offering, at first, his garage:
Garage Sale: Spend As Little As A Dime!
Items are strewn like a giant montage,
on tables arranged in three lines.

I’m not keen on the garage’s contents,
nor do I want to buy the garage,
but I’m all-fired  curious, and bent
upon knowing why George, in his dotage,
Thinks I would give up ten cents

to buy a garage,  when I already have one,
begun – still in progress – since youth.
But more to my liking, on the street I live on,
old Batesie, a man of no wisdom or couth,
is having a Yard Sale, and I really need one.

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