Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Long Count

                by Jim Rapp

I don’t know how long it takes
to read three thousand names.
Multiply it times ten,
or by one hundred.
Read each name slowly,
and begin to sense
the real cost of 9 11.

The killing did not start nor end
at the Twin Towers
or the Pentagon,
or in a Pennsylvania farm field.
Americans dare not ask
where it started –
why it started –
and do not know
when – or if – it will end.

God only knows the names,
the number;
may He, someday,
read each name
in its native tongue,
every child or mother,
husband, wife, or lover,
innocent or guilty;
let the toll be tabulated so,
laid on Him,
can be the iniquity of us all.

Forgive us Lord,
we know not
what we have done,
nor can we stop doing it.

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