Tuesday, September 6, 2011


                      by Jim Rapp

Why do we tolerate lies; countenance liars?
They take us for fools because we are.
Only fools trust a man or woman
Despite their many twists and turns,
Avowals and disavowals.

They are consistent, these liars,
Reliably telling one group one thing,
Another group another, then
Denying, to a third, that they said either;
Reliable liars, fooling reliable dupes.

They get away with duplicity
Because we like them more than truth;
They feed our ego what it wants to hear,
Forgetting that they promised other crowds
What pleased their itching ears.

Why do we tolerate their ignorance?
They speak ignorance and we ignore it,
So determined to have them win
That we will not expose and oppose them;
Ignorance is preferable to defeat.

Why are chameleons not exposed?
They hide on that which looks like them;
Liars among liars; ignorance shielding ignorance.
It doesn’t speak well of the chameleons
Or those who provide such excellent cover.

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