Sunday, August 7, 2011

Writer's Compensation

                      Writers’ Cramp
                             by Jim Rapp

He feels some guilt for being a writer;
it seems such a useless thing to be,
and more so since he has little expectation –
or worse, even less desire –
that it should be a money-making enterprise.

But he can't do much else these days
for any sustained period of time,
so he may as well be, in his waning years,
what, for much of his life,
he claimed he wanted to be.

It seems to him a writer should be one
who feels no regret for time spent
putting words down on paper;
that he would have a degree, a PhD –
be a “Doctor of Being a Writer" –
and have done it for all of his life.

But, if he could make big money,
hand over fist over hand,
it might quell the pangs of misgiving,
if not in the gut of the writer,
at least in minds of those who consider
his waste of time, "a waste of time."

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