Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wandering Aramaeans

          A Christian Ponders Immigration
                                     by Jim Rapp

If anyone should show sympathy to aliens
it should be the sons and daughters of Abraham.
And not just those whose blood is Abrahamian,
but that larger Christo-Abrahamic band.

The story of humanity is written on the trails
that it has traced, first from Eden’s gate,
then progressively o’er hills and vales,
ever  pushed and pulled from fate to fate.

Abraham, Ishmael, Jacob, Joseph, Moses’ band;
David, David’s descendants: like shifting desert sand,
running to, or carried from, their motherland;
aliens all, in search of some elusive promised land.

The Christo-Abrahamic brothers of “the Way,”
disciples, apostles, jailed, beaten, sent away,
becoming aliens, as their Lord was heard to say,
“In the world, not of it, and with no plans to stay.”

So why would Christians, Jews, and sons of Islam,
or a thousand other tribes who’ve roamed the earth,
not show hospitality to those upon the lam;
share with aliens their food and water, roof and berth?

“Come to me, you weary ones,” the Savior said –
the One denied a place to lay His head –
“In lieu of land, the kingdom of heaven I give you instead;
in lieu of earth’s treasures, I tell you, “Be comforted.”

Shame on those pilgrims who, finding a place,
sweep the path clean and attempt to erase
their alien roots, pretending to be an indigenous race;
shame, greatest, when intolerance wears a Christian face.

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