Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Thoughts While Visiting a Tourist's Attraction

       An Ode to an Old Building

                   by Jim Rapp

The old cathedral stands empty now,
slowly returning to the earth
from which it came.
No congregants draw near to bow,
nor even mourn its dearth;
nor speak its name.

High rafters, crafted artfully and well,
still rise, as once they did o'er grateful heads,
and patiently stand vigil,
waiting for parishioners to swell
the space below and head
toward their sigil.

A practiced choir chatters as it waits to sing,
from high up in the rafters,
a hymn of sacred vows,
but there are none below to sing, except a smattering,
of varied irreligious drifters,
visiting the Cathedral of the Cows.

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