Saturday, August 6, 2011

Stock Market Jitters

              The Worried Generation
                                 by Jim Rapp

There are fewer and fewer Depression babies left,
and those left – born later – experienced less,
and thus have fewer memories than the rest.

Another decade or two and all memories will be gone
except for a straggler here and there
muttering of the past glories of trials undergone.

Born in ’36, on the dingy east side of town,
I was too young to know, for many years,
if the neighborhood economy was trending up or down.

Anyone with eyes could clearly see
that it was down, but “trending”?
No, just tending to be, it seemed, what it would always be.

And there was a “spirit” in the air,
a hope-divested scrabble, bespeaking fear,
creating innocents, unconsciously aware,

investing us with anxiety approaching fear –
making heathen of us – shuddering to hear
that a “hidden hand” had made the markets veer.

On a mountain, two thousand depressions ago,
words of promise and faith were spoken
that the “Worried Generation” needs to know:

“Do not tremble at the thought of coming days;
that is what the faithless heathen do.
Your Father is in charge of all your future ways?”

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