Saturday, August 13, 2011

                  The Political Doll
    (Comes wrapped in a flag – holding a Bible)
                         by Jim Rapp

They have eight faces and eight mouths;
no ears, but who really needs them?
They have eight shiny buttons above their eyebrows,
each answers a question you ask them.

Push a button and see one face light up,
hear one mouth start to answer your question;
push another, and another, ‘til they all light up
and mouth the same answer in tandem.

I wish each doll had some autonomy;
had ears, and its answers made sense to us,
but “selling” these dolls supports the economy;
they all wear the proud sticker, “Made in America”.

You can buy one – or more – of these dolls if you like,
online, or at your annual political convention,
but get your check written before the price hike;
they cost more as they gain more attention.

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