Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Inferiority - A Complex Subject

                        by Jim Rapp

It is one of those days.
I have no idea what my brain
is going to ask of me
the rest of this day.

I read a little poetry
from a Laureate's anthology –
some of it very good –
and now I'm wondering
if anything I write is really worth
bringing to the light of day.

It would be nice to be a rose.
Roses, I'm supposing, are content
to be as beautiful as they are or aren't
without reference to the beauty
of any rose of their acquaintance.
And I doubt –
when they are past their prime,
fading, wilting,
hanging limply on the stem –
that they have regrets,
or seek the aid of "heeler roses"
in a quest to grasp
another run at beauty.

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