Monday, August 29, 2011

In Honor Of The Sneeze

                by Jim Rapp

We celebrate hundreds of heroes
And rightly so I guess
Some wise, some brave, some desperados,
more or less.

Anyone can be a hero if they try.
By rescuing a baby
In a basket on a river rushing by,
You could be one – maybe.

Heroes often do the dumbest things,
Like holding back the water
With their finger in a dam to save the king,
His queen, and all his sons and daughters.

We build “halls of fame” to house our idols,
One for every category of renown;
Warriors riding horses, holding gilded bridles,
A lady riding bareback with no gown.

But the hero of heroes, to me
Is the gal who invented the sneeze;
“It’s nothing to sneeze at,” bragged she,
“And inventing it wasn’t exactly a breeze.”

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