Monday, July 25, 2011

A Part of a Poem

In Honor of Dogs

My friend Forrest requested that I write a poem about a dog. I'm unable to come up with a fresh inspiration right now, and I'm under pressure to have something posted for tomorrow, so I'll grant his wish by posting this "part-of-a-poem" previously written. The entire poem has a noble title of its own but, for this posting, I'll call this section of the poem:

                Let it Be
                 by Jim Rapp

No one who loves a dog ties it to a tree,
Makes it heel, or sit, or fetch,
Scolds it when it barks, or drapes it in a shawl.

Dogs are made to run and wander free,
To dig and sniff; to hunt and chase and catch;
To snarl and growl; to bully and to brawl.

Oh true, some may love their Spot,
But scold him when he’s being dog;
Their love is for a “dog” that’s not.

True love for dog is only got
By letting dog be truly dog;
Insisting that it not be what it’s not.

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