Thursday, July 14, 2011

Living Life Straight Through

        Live Drama
                                                   by Jim Rapp

Some movie actors say they never watch their films.
I understand; if my life were lived,
a series of disconnected scenes,
pieced together in a cutting room at some director’s whims,
I’d be loath to call it mine, nor give
a rip about the scenes that happened in between.

I’d rather spend my life as one upon a living stage;
an actor with a living part to play
in company with other living souls.
On stage or off, I’d be a party to the action; know the page,
and own my part in such a way
that I’d contribute to the Playwright’s goals.

There will be lines flubbed, and entrances missed,
and no chance to recover them;
no way but forward, scene by scene.
But better that, than acting when there is no risk;
when every scene gets shot again
until the product satisfies a predetermined scheme.

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