Wednesday, July 13, 2011

In Support of Poetry

No Prose In Heaven
                    by Jim Rapp

Poetry, were told, preceded prose;
it was an easy way the ancients had to stow
away some thoughts they’d later like to know
when seated ‘round a fire, or on the go.

“Rhyme and rhythm” was the tether
ancients used to hold together
random bits of news they’d gather
on their journeys yon and hither.

A song, a poem, or limerick,
carved or painted on a walking stick,
helped to make a lengthy story stick
in skulls, by modern standards, thick.

Modern man has turned his back
on poetry because, he says, it lacks
precision; holds only sentiment, can’t track
a thought that goes beyond a dozen facts.

Prose, of course, is great for storing details,
but bulging bags of facts preserved today’ll
be hard-pressed when time reveals
the holes in what was once thought sealed.

I think if heaven has to choose between the two,
it’s likely that the poets will be wearing golden shoes;
will write the songs and sermons that declare the news:
“Prosaic thinking, speaking, writing is eschewed.”

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