Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Gift of Mortality

                              The Duel
                                        by Jim Rapp

The time between hearing that you may die,
And hearing that you will, or will not,
Is torturously cruel.

We should have clearly heard, in our infant cry,
The tenuousness of our human lot
And bravely faced the duel.

The firm fact is that all who live will die,
That as a race we died in utero
Long before our birth.

Still, cling we all to Satan’s soothing lie,
“God hath not said you’ll die. Oh, no!
You shall possess the earth.”

Death, at last, the only gift we have to give to You,
Oh God – a living, dying ambiguity,
Sending back alone, our breath.

But knowing, knowing, knowing You who
Purchased life by dying willingly,
Have, for our sake, defeated death.

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