Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Where are the Porta-Potties? – SOTM: Part 4

Before I can begin examining the Sermon on the Mount I need to know some important information. Like where are the Porta-Potties located. There are none! This is going to require another miracle. Several thousand people gathered in a remote place, women and children among them, and no running water, no portable toilets available. What is this, a third-world event? Yes, it appears that it is.

I’ve been involved in the planning of large, community-wide, religious services and I’m astounded that Jesus would attempt to pull off something as big as the Sermon on the Mount without an advance team to line up support from area synagogues and get all of the logistics in place. I know it was a different time, and folks were more resilient and resourceful, but still . . .!

I assure you there will be trouble if any kid gets hurt falling down the mountain. And that many people tramping across the countryside will leave a trail of debris that will give the Jesus Ministry a bad name for years to come. I hope enough foresight was exercised to get the necessary permits for a public meeting of this kind. The Romans are ticklish enough about large gatherings without stirring them up unnecessarily.

It was indeed a different time and place where Jesus’ ministry began and ended in three short years. He had no time or resourses for “advance planning.” His Father in heaven had done all the necessary “advance planning.” If things got bad enough he would ask the Father and He would meet whatever needs arose. Bread or fish or wine could be available at his touch, not primarily to meet the short-term needs of a crowd, but that too if necessary. More importantly they confirmed to the poor in spirit, the meek, those hungry and thirsty for righteousness, the peacemakers and the mourners that they had come to the right place. No modern stadium, no modern event, no modern advance team was better prepared to meet the needs of the crowds that came to him than Jesus was.

And oh, about the porta-potties; there are plenty of them here too. There is one just around that yonder rock. Be sure to rub your hands in the sand real good before you come back. Oh, and ask Sarah over there by the Porta-rock if she has a spare loaf of bread that she could send back with you. Hurry now, the sermon is about to begin.

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