Monday, May 23, 2011

Truth Tellers

   Truth Tellers
       by Jim Rapp

God is not a myth,
But myth may be
The only means
By which we come
To know Him.

In pristine Eden
God was seen
Face to face
And known
Heart to heart.

But ever since
We know Him only
Through the stories
Told of Him –
Man-made stories.

Except for one brief
Glorious moment,
When God incarnate said,
“If you have seen Me,
You have seen the Father,”

Holy men of old,
Flawed earthen vessels,
Have crafted stories,
Under inspiration,
That tell of Him.

And still today
Flawed men and women –
Inspired and set apart –
Craft their art
To tell of Him,

Some to great acclaim,
Some in simple testimony,
All attempts to frame
In human frailty
The image of their Maker.

All stories that
Fail to tell of Him,
At best, are worthless;
At worst they are
Demonic lies.

God is not a myth
But myth may be
The only earthly means
By which we come
To know Him.

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