Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Taking a day off

Easter Sunday was a wonderful day. Alice dressed up a notch above her usual elegance for church, and I donned a suit coat for the first time in weeks. I would guess that perhaps five percent of the men in church were suited (most of them ushers or pastors), the rest clad in jeans or casual slacks and a variety of shirt styles. I saw at least one Easter bonnet and complimented the wearer on it.

So times have changed. We’ve become a very casual society and it even affects our times of high and holy celebration. But the message of Easter was still the same – He is risen! He is risen indeed! A wonderful choir sang, the sermon was both inspiring and challenging, I went home renewed in the faith I’ve professed for nearly seven decades.

But then, what to do with the rest of the day. When I was a child there would have been a big noon-time dinner, followed by a brief afternoon spent in some kind of contest – or conflict – with my siblings, followed by an evening service at the church.

But times have changed. And so have I. My weary bones welcomed the comfort of my recliner. My mind took a vacation. Well, it might be more accurate to say that I turned it loose to do what it would wish to do. And what it wished to do was create some silli-serious verse, a few short poems that must have been trapped behind all the serious stuff I’ve been thinking about, waiting for a chance to break out and make their, sometimes silly, sometimes serious, points.

So I present some poems written on a day off:

              Pierre’s Discontent
                  (or Pierre’s Poor Pick)

I saw Pierre the other day
furtively searching the surgeon’s book.
Both he and I had looked away,
taking each other off of the hook.

Pierre had blushed to have me see
him publicly picking his nose,
though Pierre was certainly free
to have any nose that he chose.

I’ve seen him since, new nose installed,
and think now, it wasn’t the nose.
I hear Pierre was even appalled;
wished, new ears, was what he had chose.

         (After a conversation with Shawn)

Don’t you suppose when God said “Let!”
and set His power free,
He knew the myriad worlds He’d get;
knew, too, ‘bout you and me?

            The Power of Affirmation

Many a man I’ve declared
“a man and a quarter,”
may only have been one and one-eighth.
Still, if by my saying, he dared –
at least I can say for starters,
my “lie” carried some good weight.

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  1. Oh, delightful!!! Hope you had a Blessed day basking in the assurance of our salvation. :)


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