Wednesday, November 22, 2017

In Lieu Of

by Jim Rapp

How often have you asked someone to “step in,”
to venture in where you were afraid to go,
to say what you wished someone else would say,
to do what everyone agreed someone had to do;
to act in lieu of you and those afraid to act?

There will be times enough when
substitutions must be made, Lord knows;
when things well planned evolve another way
and folks we counted on are “unable to”;
when Estelle must act in lieu of Zach.

But . . .

God grant a world in which we all “step in,”
innerve the very timidest of us to go,
embolden all to say what they should say,
enrich the world with deeds we do
by acting in lieu of demanding others act.

Monday, November 20, 2017

The Observer

by Jim Rapp

In the beginning there were no observers,
at first only seeing ones, seers adapted for survival,
no creatures who cherished, no witting preservers,
no one to note with joy, with awe, each new arrival.

Until, in time, the knowing ones arrived,
made in the image of the Knowing One;
commissioned to till and make the world thrive
through wisdom gained by observation.

Now Adam (anthropos), is beside himself,
(no fellow creature known has shared that trait),
self-conscious, introspective, self-seeing self,
his mind and conscience bears the freight.

He knows, knows what he knows; and that, he names –
earth’s varied lode, the stars, the far flung galaxies –
then proudly (loudly) with his hands on hips proclaims
the namer,  Maker, or at the least, the Maker’s proxy.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Intended Juice

by Jim Rapp

Ancient ears are a hazard;
hearing what was never said,
ancient brains can find it hard
to sort out sounds thus made.

But baby ears are faulty too;
for years I heard my Mother pray
the table grace, and knew –
precisely knew – exactly what she’d say.

She thanked the Lord for
all the food we would consume,
for health and peace and more,
for juice . . . miracle juice, I presumed.

In fact, juice was what we seldom had,
unless water or milk counted,
and still she always prayed that
our food would – prayerfully anointed –

Be transmuted from its normal state,
like water turned to wine, no less;
I heard her pray the food we would partake,
thus blessed, would serve its “intended juice”.

Friday, November 17, 2017

A World That Only God Could Love

(Haiku Form)
by Jim Rapp

It is good to know
that You love our world, Lord; a
torn, a shattered world.

I’m finding it hard
to love it myself given
its unruliness.

And yes, I know that
my unruliness mixes
with that of others;

There is no one who
is righteous, all have sinned, do
sin, and spoil this world.

Oh, Maranatha!
Come Lord Jesus! Come, retool
this rebellious world.

Your will be done on
earth as it is in heaven,
Come, Lord – love our world.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Taxes Filed on a Postcard

by Jim Rapp

I’ve spent much of the day pulling records together
to claim our refund at the earliest possible day . . .
before identity thieves get at it, one way or another.

I suspect it is the rare individual, these days,
whose vital information hasn’t been pilfered, grifted,
lifted, sorted and sifted in nefarious digital ways.

It is only the luck of the draw if your “secure” vital info
didn’t fall into the hands of Russians, Chinese or Koreans
bent on using it to enrich themselves and their kinfolk.

But soon – once our Congress enacts tax reform –
I.D. theft will be a thing of the past – blessed obsolesce.
The post card you’ll file with the IRS they will return,

revealing your  name, address, and Soc. number;
your earnings, your taxes . . . and what of your refund?
Taped to the post card! Or perhaps something dumber.

The way they put scammers and crooks out of business
is legalize what they do; hand them our cash and
IDs – on a postcard; eliminate all the legal duress.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Earth Angels

by Jim Rapp

Something went nutso with my keyboard today.
I was typing so well when suddenly the cursor leapt
into a different line, devouring letters along the way.

I blamed the touch pad; accused it of duplicitousness –
a live touch pad is loath to coexist with an active mouse.
But it wasn’t the pad; it was a case of anomalousness.

Anomaly is – without doubt – the first word a child
should be taught, and they must learn how to spell it.
Anomalies are ubiquitous in this temporal domicile.

Don’t fight them, curse them, or attempt comprehension.
Earth Angels, with no carnal form, no terrestrial abode,
they are givens, gifted to alert us to other dimensions


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

A Habakkuk Remedy

My e-mail just brought me an advertisement bearing the Subject: Almost half of all evangelicals believe this...

The publishers of Explore the Bible, a set of study guides for small group Bible circles, are astounded that two thirds of Americans believe that God accepts the worship of all religions. That astounding fact is supposed to startle Christians into subscribing to the Explore the Bible study guides.

But if knowing that two thirds of all Americans believe that God accepts the worship of all religions isn’t enough to draw you in, the second astounding fact will surely do so – hear this: “48 percent of evangelicals believe the same thing!”

Knock me over with a large print copy of The Message!

The ad goes on to ask, “How did half of us somehow miss the first commandment?”

Interesting, I’ve been asking a similar question since last November, i.e. how did 85 percent of Evangelical Voters fail to see that they were in the thrall of a vulgar, spiritually ignorant, politically ignorant, untruthful demagogue, who is a confessed serial adulterer? And why, one year later do they continue to support him?

It is sadly a contagion that even the Explore the Bible study guides are unlikely to eradicate. It may require a Habakkuk remedy. Look it up. Habakkuk is a short little three chapter prophecy from the Old Testament.