Thursday, December 7, 2017

Sorry Senator Franken

I like you, Senator Franken, like your frankness, like the side you are on . . . most of the time. I like your sense of humor . . . most of the time.

I was glad to see you knock Norm Coleman out of the U.S. Senate, in 2008 I held my breath during that long recount and court battle.

I liked the way you humbly responded to the revelation of your sexual impropriety with Leeann Tweeden. I expected you to do the honorable thing and leave the Senate.

Now you have done so but with less honor than I would have hoped.

In the process you deny your culpability, say your “confession” was misunderstood, was not a confession after all . . . you aren’t guilty – merely falsely maligned; unfairly treated, ironically condemned by those who voted for and defend our Sexual-Predator-in-Chief and “judge” Roy Moore.

True enough, your Republican Congressional colleagues have shown no moral backbone at all, in fact have callously put party above both morality and patriotism. But that does not excuse you in any sense. There are pictures to prove Ms. Tweeden’s accusations.

All sin is forgivable, all sinners redeemable. I personally thank God for that. But sadly the sins we commit often disqualify us for the positions in life we have sought and achieved. A child sex abuser should never, regardless of “time served” or tears shed, be put in charge of a day care center again.

The men and women we elect to positions of Trust must be trustworthy. Those we elect to make our laws should not flagrantly break the law. I wish you success in what you find to do after leaving the Senate, but I am not sorry to see you leaving.

To the extent that there are others in the Senate, House of Representatives, Supreme Court or Whitehouse who stand guilty and whose similar sins are still hidden or being denied, I am praying that they will be revealed, brought to justice and the accusers veracity affirmed.

Sorry, Senator Franken, but that is the way it is. 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Good Choice, Time Magazine

by Jim Rapp

I’m pleased with Time’s Person of the Year award
though it didn’t confirm my intuition.
It is time these sex abusers fall on their sword.
And of course, “sword” I’ve chosen with intention.

Our land has never been a righteous nation,
and it isn’t likely to become one soon,
but God – the God of Righteousness and Action –
shines his light as bright in dark as at high noon.

How many “silent ones” have hidden in shame
to protect their livelihood or their good name?
And now the mighty tremble – fearing their fame
will turn to ash, their noteworthiness lost in flames.

It is said that “hell will be made to pay” for
sins long hidden – Right will win on Judgment Day.
But God has deigned that in this world nor wealth nor
wile can long hide sin, nor hand of judgment stay.

Some count themselves fortunate, I would suppose,
that their reputation remains intact “til,
slipped beneath the sod, no one their secret knows;
until rival lawyers open up the will.

Then “hell is made to pay”; reputation too. 

My Choice for Time Magazine’s Person of the Year

by Jim Rapp

According to our POTUS, Time Magazine
has offered him a rare and tempting honor:
“Person of the Year,” second year a-running.
He, in typical humility – to Time’s discomfiture –
declined, though knowing he’d be breaking
a 90 year tradition, when Time’s storied cover
went blank . . . no one can displace the Twitter King.
I seldom put much stock in who is chosen
to be Time Magazine’s Person of the Year,
but this year I would drop my lederhosen,
dance in public in my underhosen, cheer
and hug a couple dozen, if I saw the honor goin’
to some soul that Trump’s subjected to his sneer.

Perhaps they’d choose Barack Obama,
or better, Chelsea Clinton’s Momma,
I’d dance for Senator Pocahontas,
even let them push Jeff Sessions on us,
but above all, Time . . . give us irony. Can
you feature, please, the “Little Rocket Man”?

Monday, December 4, 2017

Time’s Peek Preview

Time Magazine is teasing us with their “shortlist” of candidates for Person of the Year. Here is their teaser with the names in no particular order:

Jeff Bezos
Donald Trump
Kim Jong Un
Colin Kaepernick
Xi Jinping
Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman
The #MeToo movement
“Wonder Woman” director Patty Jenkins
Robert Mueller.

Just to let you know, my pick is on Time’s short list. Check in early on December 6th to see how prophetic I turned out to be . . . or not to be. My choice will post at 4:00 a.m., several hours ahead of Time’s announcement.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Spoiler Alert: My Person of the Year

(Haiku Form)

If you are dying
to know MY Person of the
Year, you’ll find it here.

December sixth at
four a.m.; hours ahead
of Time’s announcement.

Friday, December 1, 2017

December’s Gifts

by Jim Rapp

December holds the memories
of all the previous year,
and dreams, in reverie,
of future things held dear.

Though singing, “Old Lang Syne,”
we pray for a tomorrow,
bright as storied times,
with joys from which to borrow.
Auld Lang Syne = Long, long ago

Thursday, November 30, 2017

The Difference: In the End, None at All

by Jim Rapp

It appears, more often, as though
Liberals admit their sins when caught,
apologize and go on to something new,
something hopefully less fraught.

Conservatives seem to feel that they
have no culpability, are virgins so to speak,
that those accusing them will fade away
when the powerful confront the weak.

And of course we know Conservative is
synonymous with righteousness – they
tell us it is so – and that being Liberal is
tantamount to giving one’s soul away.

If judgment follows this life we’re in,
then there will be no place for anyone to hide.
If not, Liberals’ confessions are in vain;
Conservatives' claim to righteousness, a lie.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Sunshine and Shadow

(Haiku Form)
by Jim Rapp

Some love the sunshine,
I prefer shadows, but know
each compliments each.

Sun, shining without
shadows, would show us little;
would merely blind us.

Shadows too are fraught –
devoid of light, they’re formless,
filled with emptiness.

But together they
colonize the world with forms
we know and cherish.